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COVID-19 Response

While we remain closed to the public, our staff is working on other ways to support our community during this time. From a newly launched online store full of home goods and games to being involved with PPE drives, we are doing our best to do our part. Check out the ways we are responding to COVID-19.


A local group started by Dr. Nabeel Cajee that aims to build local 3D Printing and other digital manufacturing capacity to respond to the PPE needs of our frontline healthcare workers, first responders, and essential employees. Other partners include University of the Pacific's School of Engineering, Computer Brokers, 3DHEALS, and individual makers/enthusiasts. We are currently working on Laser Cut Plastic Face Shields and 3D Printed face mask fitters. To make a donation to support the purchase of more material for face shields and other PPE gear, use the link below.

Protective Plastic Face Shields

If you are a frontline healthcare worker, first responder, or an essential employee, you may purchase plastic face shields directly from us. We are asking for a $5 donation per shield to cover the cost of future materials but donations are not required. To place an order for a face mask, email with the number of masks you need and if you would like them shipped by USPS (standard shipping rates apply) or are able to do in-store pick up. We used an open-sourced design for these face shields which can be found here.

If you have received confirmation for an order, please use this link to make a donation. 

Plastic Face Shield Cleaning Recommendations 

Clean masks with soap and water before and after each use. To sanitize the face shield: isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can be used. Polycarbonate does not like most bleaches. Use soft sponges to clean and avoid using abrasive materials when cleaning. 

Plastic Face Shield Assembly Instructions

Watch Assembly Video

What is included:

Polycarbonate Face Shield

Bottom Stiffener

2 Forehead Straps (one extra)

Sizing Strap


Step 1:

Peel protective layer off Plastic Face Shield 


Step 2:

Insert Bottom Stiffener into bottom two holes of face shield


Step 3:

Insert Forehead Strap into top two holes of the face shield  


Step 4:

Size the Sizing Strap to your head and insert the Forehead Strap tabs into the correct Sizing Strap wholes that fit your head size. Keep extra forehead strap for future use should a piece break or wear down from frequent use.

Have Any Feedback?

If you have received a face shield from us, we would love to know any feedback you have to make our shields better for those working on the front lines. Please email Elazar ( any comments you have!

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