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Sunday 12:30pm event!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

What: Stockton Permaculture Meetup

When: February 13, 2022, 12:30-2pm.

Where: HATCH Workshop, Center for Emerging Makers, 40 South Union St., Stockton.

Who: Visionaries, makers and doers with ideas and advice to share with others

Featuring: An interactive permaculture presentation by Santi Navila:


Depending on the seeds of our inner being, life can either be an obstacle coarse full of ups and downs or a playground were we are constantly discovering our inner treasures. The beliefs that govern our thinking, feelings and being are the seeds for the way we relate and act in the world. This experiential workshop will create the environment to explore our own seeds of being which either create obstacles or help us flow through the playground of daily life. Let us engage our natural creative capacities, move at the rhythm of our inner sound, scribble/draw our insights, and write poems that will transform our understanding of how we motivate the quality of our life. Let’s discover how we can easily shift channels to motivate positive changes in our everyday moments. Come learn how you can transform aspects of your life from a field of thorns to a beautiful garden of flowers. ”Transformation isn’t a future event. It’s a present day activity.” join us to engage more of your natural qualities to experience your world with greater lightness and ease. RELEASE the waste and begin anew. The perfect exercise to ring in the New Year!!

Please bring an 8x10 print of your favorite selfie, wear comfortable clothes and be ready to play!!!

Gratitude to all.

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