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Let's Meet Up on Dec. 2!

What: Stockton Permaculture Meetup

When: Thursday, December 2, 2021, 6:30-8pm.

Where: In Season Market and Nursery, 215 E. Alpine Ave., Stockton.

Who: Visionaries, makers and doers with ideas and advice to share with others

Why: To plan a year's worth of monthly presentations on permaculture for 2022.

Dear Permaculture Community of Stockton,

Here's the question we all get asked, and perhaps continue to ask ourselves: What is permaculture?

There's probably a simpler way to reply than what I usually say, but I try to emphasize the fundamental simplicity of the practice, even if its conception and development can become infinite in complexity -- just like nature.

In broadest terms, permaculture is a regenerative practice that aims to maximize food and health benefits while minimizing waste and restoring functioning ecosystems. It does this on scales from modest to ambitious. Its aim is to nuture all life. It's a way -- many practical ways -- of living in harmony with the natural course of things, in which everything is interconnected and interrelated. It's a natural course of action that reaps a bounty of food, crafts, skills, sustainable habitats, and healthy populations, including humans.

Many Stocktonians take an active interest in permaculture and practice its principles in a multitude of ways. I've met quite of few of these folks over the past year, and am impressed with the collective level of knowledge and experience. The Stockton Permaculture Meetup invites participants from Stockton and as far away as Sacramento to help shape a monthly agenda for meetups over the course of the next year. At this information and planning session, we invite you to share ideas and visions for upcoming meetup topics that you would be sharing with meetup attendees.

Your presentations might range from offering sustainable organic gardening tips to

-- permaculture design basics

-- food security in inner cities / urban permaculture

-- natural building techniques -- devising and implementing alternative energy strategies

-- creating food forests -- wildcrafting and rewilding

-- using locally sourced and prepared food as art

-- discussing the ethics of hunting and the ethics of veganism

-- catching and efficiently utilizing rainwater / earthworks basics

-- repair cafe / swap meet / seed exchange

The list of possible presentations is limitless; participants commit to facilitating one or more presentations during the year. The meetups are a way to build community, with the first half-hour devoted to socializing and an hour allotted for the presentation, which can be structured as lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, group sharing or however the presenter chooses. Getting the word out widely is key to meetup success. Everyone loves a good audience!

In Season Market and Nursery Proprietor Eric Firpo has kindly consented to host this first meetup. Expect some seasoned permaculture practitioners to show up, as well as newcomers to the discipline. It's a chance to ask and answer questions about permaculture, but more than that, a chance to share visions of what permaculture is to you and what it could be for others in your community and beyond.

Thanks so much for your consideration! I hope to see you there!

Mark Mardon

Permaculture Coordinator

Hatch Workshop, Stockton

Feel free to call me for info at 209-406-7937


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