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Permaculture in Stockton?

Here's a nice photo of HATCH Workshop Executive Director Elazar Abraham at Boggs Tract Communicty Farm on March 25, 2021. He was kind enough to show me and a friend around the property on my first visit. I'm not from here, but I live here now and I have a passion for permaculture, which is practiced on this farm. I understand from Elazar and from reading an article in the Stockton Record by Laura S. Diaz (After years of work, PUENTES hands over farm to Boggs Tract community to manage) that managment of the farm is about to change, and what form that change might take is up in the air.

I suggest as an outsider with a passionate interest in food security that whoever steps up to run the place implement permaculture programs, as the farm has been doing. To do that, some background in permaculture may be needed. That is what I hope to give here. Permaculture begins with farming, but it extends to the design of whole communities, the point being to strengthen local economies. HATCH Workshop practices a form of permaculture in the making of things; the principles of sustainability that inform the maker movement inform the permaculture movement as well.

I'll be posting more in this space about permaculture in coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years. Good to be with you all!

Mark Mardon


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