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1. How much does a membership cost? Private studio space?

Our Maker Membership is $75/month, our Community Membership is $25/month and it is $300/month for a 10’ x 12’ private studio. 

2. What does a membership get me?

View our Membership Levels page.

3. Is there an annual plan?

We do not have an annual plan today, though you can set up monthly automatic payments.

4. How much experience do I need to become a member?

Each studio has different requirements. To use our ceramics studio, a basic level of understanding clay, glazing, and technique is needed. By taking one of our Introduction to Hand Building workshops, you should be good to go to get a membership and start utilizing the ceramics studio. To use our wood and metal shops, machinery experience is required. Please email Elazar ( if you have any questions on membership!


5. How do I enroll in classes?

You can either click "login" at the top of the screen and create an account OR visit and click the link under the class you wish to take.

6. Should I make an account?

Creating an account is free and very user friendly. Once you're logged in, you can manage your membership, enroll in classes, view upcoming workshops and events, see volunteer projects, set up recurring donations and more. 

7. What do materials cost?

Talk to a HATCH team member, we offer a small range of materials in house, based on the workshop. We are happy to connect you to material distributors and stores we like if you need help sourcing material! 

8. Is there storage available?

Limited storage space is available, talk with a member of the HATCH team and we can accommodate or consider a private studio. We are open to renting lot space if you want to place a storage unit on site. 

9. Does HATCH Workshop rent out space for events?

Absolutely! Email to schedule a tour or discuss rental options.

10. Is membership included with studio rentals?


11. How can we donate and help out? What about volunteer hours?

We are always looking for donations of machinery, equipment, dollars, and time. If you are interested in donating or volunteering your time to our organization, please speak with a member of our team and we can assist you.

12. I have old materials, do you want them?

Probably-- contact a member of our team and we will let you know!

13. Do you have scrap material I can use?

We have a small area for shared materials, feel free to pick through it and see if there is anything you would like to use.

14. Can I bring my pet?

As long as you can maintain a safe environment for other members, you may. It is a privilege to bring a pet, and if anybody is uncomfortable with your furry friend, it is your responsibility to help facilitate a safe environment.


15. Do you have scholarships available?

We have limited scholarships available for creatives hoping to take advantage of our Maker Membership. Email Hannah ( if you're thinking about joining but don't have the financial means to pay for a full membership. 


17. Can I pick up my online purchases from your storefront?

Yes! When you check out, make sure you check the "In-Store Pickup" from the shipping options. Use the code "HATCHPICKUP" for 10% off your entire in-store pickup order.

18. How do you calculate shipping rates for goods?

We are currently using USPS Flat Rate Shipping Boxes to ship our goods. Our shipping reflects the prices we're able to get at this time. We currently have our shipping rates a tad higher than it might actually be. Once your items have shipped, we will refund the shipping difference!

19. What are your storefront hours?

Our storefront is currently closed to the public due to the Stay-at-Home order. We are offering curbside pickup or local Stockton delivery for $5 on all online orders.


20. Can I use my gift card for online purchases?

If you would like to use your gift card for online purchases, please choose the "In-Store Pickup" option during check out and email your name and order number.

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