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Grant Funders

Institutional support is a vital component of any nonprofit, and we are proud to serve the Stockton community through grant funds provided by these partners.

Individual Donations

Direct support is vital to the financial strength of all organizations and, we are grateful to everybody who has contributed directly to support our mission and vision.

Major Donors

Paul and Julie Craig

Susan Eggman
Jim Melquist and

Vicki Gaia
Melissa Hewitt

Nicole Fenichel &

Chris Hewitt

Robert Oakes
Victor and Tina Rosasco
Mark and Diana Vestal

University of the Pacific MESA Schools Program

General Donors

Carmella Abraham
Denny Ah-Tye
Steve Altimari
Matty Amen
Councilmember Jesus
Isabella Avila
Noreen Bastian
Mark Bitgood
Lisa Behm
Aaron Black
Kelly and Ray Boyle
Don Buerer
Julie Calabrese
Jill Canete
Kiira Cerasi
Nicholas Cipollone

Tesa Coleman
Alan Cooper

Justin Champaign
Bridget Childs
Nancy Craig
Trisha Craig
Lisa and Mark Cunningham

Steve Dannecker

Vicki and Anthony DiIoia
Gina Elliot- DiIoia
Kalia DiIoia
Kat Ermant
Patty Espinoza
Carol Findling Fenchel
Jessica Fong
Lydia Fox

Mark Friedman
Sophia Fuller
Ashley Gaddis
Lisa Garcia
Dylan Gold
Regina Gradess
Teal Hertz
Phil Herrera
Terry & Terry Hewitt
Vanessa Hewitt
Allison Hoots
Lesslee Hunsicker
Neil Jacobson
Katrina Alison Jaggears
Pete Johnson
Gretchen Laupee Jones
Sibylle Jud
Tracy and Sheldon Koy
Bob Laird
Terri Linden
Amy Lindsey

Jenna Lipkin

Lange Luntao

Marc Mestrovich

Juan Magallon

Jewels Marcus

Jesse Marcus

Harvey Marks

Michelle Marks

Jas Wilson Marshall

Joe Mariscal

Jacqueline McGinn

Congressman JerryMcNerney

Bob Melrose
Steven Meyer
Admas Molla
Zenet Negron

Lee Nelson
Robert Oakes
Melissa Orozco
Eric Ortner
Sandy Paben
Margaret Palange
Taylor Pineiro
Candice Potrafka
Martin Rabkin
Joshue Roots
Geri Royer
Jared Rusten and Emily
Malissa Calderon
Martín Sánchez
Jody Sampley
Ken Schipper
Saul Serna

Mary Jane Shepard-

Adrienne Shilton
Anne Stein
Dana Straud
Thomas Streeter
JC Strote
Suzy Strube
Sarah Taft
Kimberly Testa
Joseph Tiszler
Claire Trent
Phoenix Trent
Daniel Villa
Kasey Vedder
Carol Wakeley
Christy Wise
Amanda Wylie

Without you, none of this would be possible.

Thank You.

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