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We make for the love of making, and we’re in Stockton for the love of Stockton.
We believe in a craft culture that speaks for itself.


HATCH Workshop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers training and education in fine craft, design, and entrepreneurship for students and the Stockton community, while also providing affordable workspace and shop access for emerging artists and makers. 

Our mission is to awaken and empower the craftsperson in everyone through open access to equipment, resources, and training.

Our vision is an artistically vibrant and independently wealthy Stockton, owned by its residents.

Our values help our mission and vision come to life.

1. A Good Creative Team Beats the Lone Genius Don’t let your ego stand in the way of progress. 

2. Art Belongs to the People Accept ownership of creative products & processes. 

3. Good Ideas Only Grow in Open Air If you’re thinking it, say it! 

4. Rising Tide Floats All Boats Small improvements make big differences over time. 

5. Local IS the Solution Keep money inside the community. 

6. Design Custom to Budget Even a small budget can make something totally unique. 

7. Measure Twice, Cut Once If you haven’t heard this yet, get used to it.

Content Advisory

  • Free expression & dialogue are essential components of a healthy community space.


  • The safety and security of individuals around you are always a top priority.


  • As an artist space, you may encounter nudity or adult language. Everything is open to scrutiny and discussion, but artistic expression is always defensible.


  • When Young Folks are present, all members and performers should respectfully limit profanity and adult themes.


  • Blatant violence, obscenity, racism, sexism, etc  WILL NOT be tolerated. Context matters. If the artist cannot provide reasonable intent, offending artwork or performance may be subject to removal. “Fighting Words” are never acceptable. 


  • There is always a gray space between free speech and individual comfortability, engagement with the space is at your own risk of conduct and content.

None of the views or ideas you encounter necessarily reflect HATCH, and are solely a representation of the artist or creator.  

Equity Statement

HATCH Workshop is committed to furthering access to knowledge, equipment, and resources for all peoples, regardless of their background or identity. We acknowledge the deeply entrenched patterns of oppression and recognize that it takes focused intent to address and heal from systematic marginalization. 


All peoples are welcome into our space, as all peoples deserve the right to express themselves safely and develop skills they can identify with. This extends equally to those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, incarceration status, or religion. 


We acknowledge that the maker movement has been a historically white, male, middle class pursuit, and that simply creating access will not solve these cultural issues overnight. 


HATCH stands with the community in honoring the Yokuts people and the California Valley Miwok Tribe, whose ancestral lands include the San Joaquin Valley. We honor the diverse ancestry of Stockton’s peoples. We honor the LGBTQIA+ community. We honor children and the youth as artists and creators as they are. We recognize the vibrant waterways and ecosystems of the Delta that form our town, and we know social justice is inseparable from climate justice. 


In our commitment to all of the above we are:


  • Seeking to expand our board to more accurately reflect Stockton’s diversity. 

  • Keeping our service costs low and exploring other ways for socioeconomic inclusion.

  • Prioritizing youth involvement and support alongside accessible education for all ages.

  • Prioritizing collaboration with diverse organizations and seeking local vendors for all business needs.

  • Facilitating open dialogues and free events with the local community to cultivate an inclusive space.

  • Developing, reflecting on, and re-developing policies to continue the active work of rooting out systemic inequity while maintaining community values.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact

Ecosystem Map

This is a visual representation of the ecosystem that our organization supports.

At the core of the ecosystem are workshops, classes and

Workshops describes access to the facilities, classes are the educational component, and membership describes the related services.

It is further broken down into services we offer and the audiences.

This map is a helpful tool for clarifying pathways as well as understanding the inter-connected nature of our organization.

Our History (In Progress)

HATCH Workshop was started by a group of young artists, makers, and creatives with the help of a generous grant from California College of the Arts and an essential partnership with the San Joaquin County Office of Education, which provides HATCH a long-term loan of woodworking and digital fabrication machinery.


Since its inception, HATCH Workshop has worked to establish a broader ecosystem of artists, educators, students, and the public. HATCH Workshop has provided general arts outreach at local events, public art workshops, off-site youth art workshops through its Inspire Youth program, and hosted a number of artist networking events, as well as served clients around Stockton through production services.

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