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HATCH Workshop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Stockton, CA that operates as a public makerspace and arts education center offering the community access to tools, machinery, equipment, communal workspaces, and classes to develop skills in the mediums of wood, metal and ceramics.

HATCH Workshop was started by a group of young artists, makers, and creatives with the help of a generous grant from California College of the Arts and an essential partnership with the San Joaquin County Office of Education, which provides HATCH a long-term loan of woodworking and digital fabrication machinery. Since its inception, HATCH Workshop has worked to establish a broader ecosystem of artists, educators, students, and the public. HATCH Workshop has provided general arts outreach at local events, public art workshops, off-site youth art workshops through its Inspire Youth program, and hosted a number of artist networking events, as well as served clients around Stockton through production services. 

Our Ecosystem Map highlights the many components of programming, community, and stakeholders HATCH Workshop hopes to bring together. 


Our Team

Elazar Abraham

Digital Creative Specialist & Production Manager

Elazar Abraham is a thinker and maker focused on clarifying the relationship between order and chaos. Combining passions in sculpture, music, philosophy, and education, he seeks to present the virtue of mindfulness and craft in any practice. After graduating with a B.A. in New Media and minors in Biology and Visual Arts from SUNY Purchase, he led bike trips for teenagers before accepting a digital fabrication internship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, where he now teaches workshops annually. Living in Seattle for a year provided fertile ground to explore the shifting front between techno-gentrification and creative communities which, timed with opportunity led him to move to Stockton to help co-found HATCH Workshop. Elazar can also be found teaching at TEAM Charter's Makerspace in downtown Stockton.

Contact: elazar@hatchworkshop.org

Hannah Craig

Development Coordinator

Prior to living in Stockton, Hannah completed a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of San Francisco where she found a passion for creating positive social change and how non-profit and for-profit businesses play a role in community development. Hannah enjoys the energy in Stockton and believes the city is quickly becoming a mecca for emerging artists/makers, activists, and non-profits looking to drive positive change. She is inspired daily by the community's commitment to reinventing Stockton and how art and community has been so integral to this process. Hannah brings a critical mind, adventurous spirit and innovative approach to the HATCH Workshop team. 

Contact: hannah@hatchworkshop.org

Daniel Koy

Metal Shop Specialist

Daniel Koy is an illustrator, sculptor, and scuba diver from New York City. Currently working mostly in metal, he makes a range of work from traditional sculpture to furniture. His sculptural work explores his interest in nature, environmentalism and the experiences had while scuba diving, while furniture and design work focuses on comfort, craft, and composition. As the metal shop specialist at HATCH Workshop, he facilitates three major topics within metalworking: fabrication, foundry, and forging. 

Contact: daniel@hatchworkshop.org

Jacqueline Bahnsen

Ceramics Specialist

Jacqueline Bahnsen is a ceramic and multi-media based sculptor interested in the parallels between physiological processes and those of artistic craft and making. She graduated with her BFA in Sculpture from SUNY Purchase College and during her studies completed a year long internship under the studio manager at the Clay Art Center in New York. Afterwards, she continued honing her craft at a nearby ceramic studio on Long Island and selling her work independently within her local community circles and fairs. She then moved to Stockton, California in order to join the HATCH team and help to jump start their ceramics program. Currently, she is focused on instructing at HATCH and producing her own line of work based on the traditional pottery and sculpture skills she will be teaching, as well as continuing her own personal conceptual exploration of process.

Contact: jackie@hatchworkshop.org


Shop Dog

Tanner was adopted at a Stock Market in 2017, from Adopt-a-Bulls, a local shelter that helps pit bulls find great owners. He loves his toys, popping balloons, and can always be seen drinking a puppuccino from Dutch Bros. 

HATCH Workshop

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